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Alimony Modification in Utah

Do you feel you’re paying more than your fair share in alimony? Are you looking to change the terms of your alimony agreement? Not sure how to navigate the legalities of of the entire process?

At The Law Offices of Eric Swinyard, Eric M. Swinyard is an alimony modification attorney in Utah who understands the financial devastation caused by unbalanced payouts. We work to help clients understand their rights as they relate to monetary obligations for an ex-spouse.

How Is Alimony Established?

Utah law allows either party to request alimony. The courts review the financial situation of each person and take the following into consideration when it comes to the recipient:

  • Any outstanding debts
  • Their earning capacity
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • If they have primary custody of any children
  • If they helped pay for education expenses or skills training for the other party
  • Any fault contributing to the breakup of the marriage

Alimony is intended to help the other spouse support themselves after a divorce. Sometimes the courts order payments before completing the divorce process. Judges establish payments based on your earning capacity at the time.

Can Alimony Be Changed After Divorce?

You may end up in a situation where you’re not earning as much as before. Life changes affecting your ability to make your alimony payment could include:

  • Battling a chronic illness
  • Receiving a critical injury affecting your ability to work
  • Having your salary reduced at your job
  • Being terminated from your place of employment
  • Retiring from your job

Any of the above would be grounds for modifying alimony in Utah. Eric Swinyard has offices in SLC and Provo where we can help walk you through the process of gathering the paperwork needed to prove your case.

Sometimes it’s the spouse receiving benefits who see a change in their lifestyle. That could include:

  • Living with a new partner
  • Taking a job paying them more money
  • Receiving some sort of inheritance

When Can You Terminate Alimony Payments?

Termination of alimony happens when an ex-partner remarries or passes away. Your financial responsibility also ends if they start living with someone else.

Don’t just stop paying alimony if you realize a spouse has moved in with another person. You still need to go before a judge and show them evidence of this. The same goes for any other changes in your former partner’s financial situation.

Do I Really Need An Attorney To Modify or Terminate Alimony?

You risk being penalized by the courts if you stop payments on your own without going through the right channels. It helps to get solid legal advice from an alimony modification attorney in Utah when you’re looking to modify or terminate support payments.

Eric M Swinyard is an Alimony Modification Attorney in SLC and Provo, Utah

Eric Swinyard is an alimony modification attorney who knows what the courts expect when it comes to evidence. Some situations require you to make your case by a given deadline. We’ll make sure you get everything you need in front of your judge on time.

Don’t jump in without understanding how alimony laws work in the state of Utah. Let the office, Eric Swinyard, Attorney At Law, get you a fair outcome. We are happy to answer any questions you have to understand alimony modification or termination in Utah. Call for a free consultation at (801)-850-9740.

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