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Child Custody Evaluations in Utah

Utah courts use the child custody evaluation process to gather information and make important decisions, regarding parent time and custody rights. Evaluations can be stressful, emotional events that ultimately change the lives of parents and children, making preparation critical. Consulting with a child custody evaluation attorney in Utah is key for achieving optimal results.


What is a Child Custody Evaluation?

Utah courts have to make judgments related to multiple aspects of child custody, including parental access, living arrangements and legal custody rights. To make informed decisions, the court utilizes child custody evaluations and child custody evaluators, to ask questions and ascertain the situation. The outcome of evaluations yields information about the ability of parents to parent, along with the developmental and emotional needs of children.

The evaluator is likely to look at a child’s preference relating to where they want to live, along with the benefits of keeping siblings together. Parents are evaluated on multiple levels including whether or not they have strong moral character, or whether they’re fit to parent. The questions may seem intrusive or sometimes uncomfortable to answer, but it’s important to remain calm, collected and focused on providing honest answers. The more straightforward parents are the better the process will work.

Factors that Evaluators Consider:

  • Moral character of parents
  • Financial position of parents
  • Religious compatibility with child
  • Past drug use
  • Past child or spousal abuse
  • Child’s preference
  • Keeping siblings together
  • The bond between the parent and child
  • Ability to provide for the child

How to Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation

Hire an Experienced Attorney – As a qualified and experienced Utah attorney, Eric M. Swinyard can help clients prepare for evaluations and give them insight into the questions they’ll be asked. It’s critical to anticipate the questions, so clients can give the best possible answers given the circumstances. It’s important to tell the truth and not give misleading answers, to make the evaluation as effective as possible. This will help clients attain the custody that they wish the court to grant them.

Find an Evaluator – Also, clients can have their own evaluator appointed, if the evaluator is qualified. The court ordered psychological evaluation child custody is an option. We can walk parents through the process of finding an evaluator, along with all the steps involved providing supplemental information to the court. Knowing the legal system is advantageous and can lead to positive outcomes in child custody cases. We are here to help parents walk through the legal process.

Provide the Right Documents – Documents such as medical records, psychological tests, developmental histories and neighbor interviews are important for the evaluation process. We can help clients compile all of the proper documentation and put it in a format the court will accept. This may seem like a daunting process in certain instances, but we have experience finding and preparing relevant information. Whether clients need to collate calendars or testimonials, we can make the process less stressful through consistent, professional service and support.

Things to Consider when Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation:

  • Questions the evaluator will ask
  • Relevant documentation and paperwork
  • Desired custody and what that entails
  • Retaining an experienced attorney

Free Consultation from an Experienced Child Custody Evaluation Attorney in Provo and SLC, Utah

If you are going through a child custody evaluation in Utah and getting ready to meet with a child custody evaluator, then preparation is key. Consulting an experienced attorney is a prudent decision that can lead to an effective evaluation. Contact Eric M Swinyard today to learn more about the legal process and child custody evaluations.

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