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Facing a divorce is never easy, even when it seems like everything is going well, it is still important to have a Holladay, Utah Divorce Lawyer/Attorney representing your best interest to make sure you get your fair share of the marital assets and post-divorce freedoms you deserve. While some divorces are obviously complex, even amicable splits can be more complex than you might think. Property ownership and child custody and support issues can add even more of a snag that needs a professional in order to keep things as civil as possible for everyone involved.

A Divorce is a Big Decision

Getting divorced isn’t just about breaking up. It is the dissolving of a legal union between two people that have joined many things in their lives together. Many of the finances have gone under a single umbrella. There may be homeownership. Retirement accounts and other assets. And in many cases child custody issues that need to be ironed out fairly. But fair is a subjective term, and no matter how much you think you agree with your spouse on the finer details when you go through each issue, you are likely to discover there is more friction than you thought.

Issues That Come Up in Divorce

There are many issues that come to light in a divorce. If you don’t have kids you will need to deal with dividing assets, deciding on whether alimony payments should be made and for how long, working through any predetermined contracts, such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, deciding on the division of property or requirement accounts, and more.

If you have children, things get even more complicated. You’ll need to deal with all the other issues, plus take care of the well-being of any kids involved. In your case, it will be decided if sole or shared custody is in the best interest of your children and arrangements will be made to see that both parents continue to play an appropriate role in each child’s upbringing. Financial obligations, such as child support will also be calculated and decided. Other factors that could affect a child in a major way, such as education may be discussed as well.

Issues you might face:

Special Family Circumstances

If there are special family circumstances, such as the need for restricted access of a relative due to abuse or another mistreatment of a child, these are also issues that may be addressed in your divorce. The process can also address issues involving the adoption of a stepchild or rights of other close relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

If Your Divorce is Contested

While it is probably more likely that your divorce will be uncontested, if your spouse does contest your divorce, or if you want to contest the divorce your spouse has initiated, you will need a Utah Divorce Lawyer on your side even more, as the case actually goes to trial. You will need to fight that much harder for your marriage or to maintain stability if a divorce is ultimately decided.

Are You Considering a Divorce? It Is Important to Have a Strong Plan in Place

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