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Parental Kidnapping Attorney in Utah
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Divorce & Family Law in Utah Frequently Asked Questions
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Divorce Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

As a general matter, each side pays their own lawyer’s fees in a family law or divorce case in Utah. In cases where one partner is held in contempt, a court may order that party to pay the other’s fees.
A divorce lawyer should provide a free consultation, so you can judge whether the person is a fit for you or not. You can also look online to see how past clients have rated the attorney’s services. The Law Offices of Eric Swinyard affordably handles family law and divorce representation in Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. Our office is pleased to offer you a free consultation. Contact us to make an appointment .
It depends. Utah divorce law imposes a 90-day minimum wait before a divorce is final. A divorce attorney can file a petition to waive that wait. If both partners can come to an agreement on issues, a divorce can be complete in as little as 3 months. But a contested divorce, or one with children involved, can take a year or even longer.
In divorce, the separation is final, complete, and clear-cut. Legal separation can be an alternative if the partners have religious reasons to stay married, or they wish to keep military or insurance benefits intact or deduct spousal support from taxes. An annulment under Utah law is a pronouncement that, in legal effect, a valid marriage never existed. It is rarely granted.
Yes, Utah law requires divorcing parties to attend at least one mediation session. You might wonder, then, if you should seek a divorce mediator vs. lawyer. While mediation is required, a mediator is NOT an advocate for your case and cannot give legal advice. Their job is simply to get parties to come to an agreement. An attorney’s job is to protect your interests and help you obtain the outcome that is most desirable to you. Your attorney will handle discussions with the mediator on your behalf.
Even if your case is simple, it's important to have a divorce lawyer to protect your interests and get through the process smoothly. A family law attorney has handled numerous divorces. They know how to avoid errors and help you achieve your desired outcome. Avoid second-guessing and rearranging down the road. Get things right, now.
A divorce lawyer will ask you a variety of questions to help establish the most beneficial direction to take your case. Did you sign a pre-nuptial agreement at the start of the marriage? Are there documents from other family law actions?  A lawyer will also need to know about income sources, retirement plans, and tax returns. You'll also be asked about your family dynamics, shared personal and business assets, and your expected post-divorce outcomes.

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