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How to Make Your Divorce More Affordable in Utah

While divorce can cause a myriad of emotional and psychological effects on a family, it can also become a large financial burden. When either party takes the painful emotions associated with the end of a marriage into divorce proceedings, wasted time and additional costs are often the consequences.

The SLC and Provo law offices of Eric M. Swinyard offer legal consultation and representation in divorce proceedings with a focus on aggressive litigation and a concern for the efficient handling of your case – to make your divorce more affordable. Our legal office works to protect your rights, solve conflicts and mediate battles to reach an out-of-court settlement as the most economical method of handling a divorce. Here are other ways you can save money during a divorce and use your lawyer time effectively:

1. Avoid Court

The best way to save money on your divorce is to avoid divorce court. When you consider court costs, additional attorney fees, and costs that will be connected to any real estate division, a mutual settlement – mediated by a divorce lawyer is the most economical option. A quality divorce attorney knows that court proceedings will cost their clients money and will work to help families solve differences and work towards an agreeable settlement.

2. Communicate with Your Ex

Keep in mind, that maintaining a working relationship with your ex can be of benefit to settle property division matters and arrange child visitation schedules without a lawyer – to save both parties in costs, time, and additional stress.

3. Make the Most of Your Time with Your Attorney

Make the most of your lawyer visit by staying on topic and remembering that lawyers aren’t therapists. Bring a list of items of concern you feel are important to discuss to avoid straying into emotional and unproductive discussions. Produce any documentation you have to support your case and if you feel the need, take notes to remember any other items or persons you need to address at a later time. This efficient use of the lawyer/client appointment time will save you money during your divorce.

3. Prepare Documents

Be prepared by having any documentation which needed signing and other pertinent information to your case. This could include financial informationboth assets and liabilities; and a complete disclosure describing any marital problems and what issues you believe will be problematic. Being prepared for meetings with your lawyer is another way to save time and costs. Consider paralegal services to help prepare divorce forms and to follow proper filing procedures – along with where to obtain any state specific applications for alimony or modifying child support.

4. Choose Mediation

Choose mediation services to act as a neutral third party, which is offered by many professional divorce lawyers to negotiate a settlement. When using mediation it is smart to be fully prepared with a list of concerns and requests, as these services usually charge an hourly rate. Even so, mediation offers major cost savings over a court trial and has the added benefit of being fully confidential. Therefore no public record will exist concerning the outcome of your divorce proceedings. Speak with your lawyer about the mediation process as an alternative to court proceedings.

5. Uncontested Divorce

Consider an uncontested divorce, where both spouses agree to the financial and legal issues required to finalize the divorce. An uncontested divorce has the added benefit of reducing the stress caused by constant negotiations. Since there is no court hearing and no legal posturing, both parties can work to solve the separation of property and finances in an amicable and mutually agreeable manner. Still, an experienced lawyer is crucial even in an uncontested divorce to ensure an even distribution of property, finances, and businesses – and to ensure you don’t walk away paying too much (or receiving a lot less) in alimony or child support.

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